This platform brings together; individuals, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Faith Based Organizations (FBOs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Public Benefit Organizations (PBOs), Societies, Partnerships, Corporations, County Governments, Governments, International Organizations, among others with an interest in Emergency Medical Services.


  1.     Do you wish to sponsor or support an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) or Disaster Preparedness, Response and Management (DPRM) Operations and related initiatives?
  2.     Do you have an EMS related initiative and you wish to benefit from a sponsorship or donation for EMS development?
  3.     Do you wish to adopt an Emergency Medical Services related Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative?
  4.     Are you a client or a consumer of EMS products and you wish to get an independent review on Kenya EMS providers (organizations /agencies/ institutions) and their capabilities?
  5.     Are you an International Organizations or a foreigner who wishes to find affiliates or set up operations in Kenya?
  6.     Are you a student in Emergency Medical Services and/or other related health courses who wishes to get placements with EMS service providers?
  7.     Are you a doctors and/or other professionals who wishes to contribute to Kenya EMS development?



Students and Professionals Placement Pool:

Students and professionals are linked to existing EMS service providers for their personal development and to boost development of the EMS profession.

EMS Provider Directory:

These are the Names, addresses ad contacts of agencies and institutions that offer Emergency Medical Services an other stakeholders in Kenya.

We are currently developing the National EMS Directory. You can contact us for inclusion (free of charge) through:

EMS Product Reviews:

Provides a review of the recommended products in Emergency Medical Services based on best practice and comparative standards.

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